Boho Glam - Can you Pull it Off?

YES! The answer is yes. Keep reading to find out easy ways to incorporate boho glam into your everyday style.                   

So, what exactly is Boho Glam? 

Boho Glam is defined as where the laid back, free spirit style meets all things modern, glamorous and sparkly. Boho Glam is also sometimes referred to as Boho Chic.

Think hippie girl meets modern fashion.  Does it sound too contradictory? Keep reading.

Boho Glam is obtained by adding a little sparkle to traditional bohemian jewelry, which is usually made with nature elements such as stones, shells, leather and wood. We take those traditional elements and add modern elements, such as metals, studs, color, etc.

Here are some examples: 
Here we see traditional boho elements such as the moon shape, but we add the glam part by adding modern layers, and metal. 

This leaf necklace is another great example.  Both styles are available in our shop.

Below are some complete Boho Glam looks to inspire you:

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